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Goodnight World Series

In this series, you will follow a young girl as she writes in her journal every night before bed sharing her thoughts and understanding of the importance of all living things on this Earth. She expresses her hopes and dreams for a brighter future and commands action and intention in her own life.

Goodnight World is made up of seven books;

A Letter For You

A Letter For Trees

A Letter For Air

A Letter For Water

A Letter For Recycling

A Letter For Animals

A Letter For Hope

New Releases COMING SOON!

What are readers saying?

“Such a wonderful book. The illustrations are beautiful and the words are so well written. I stopped to think about how wonderful it would be to allow ourselves to dream more.”
"This is such a beautiful written and illustrated story, filled with inspiration for young minds with themes of wonder, humility and empathy.”
“My new book of choice to gift at baby showers and birthdays! Cannot wait for the rest of the series to be released.”
"This book is a must have for any library collection, schools, home, daycare, grandparents! Eloquently written and beautifully illustrated, this book looks at our World in a very positive, encouraging, and insightful way."
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