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Connect deeper with A Letter For You!

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Did You Know?

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  • An activist is someone who inspires others and strives to create change in the World.

  • You can be an activist at any age!

Check out these awesome crafts!

Book Collaboration Video with the talented, Activity Author 


Get Creative, Grab the Paint!

Have paper and paint out for children to create a painting based on listening to the story. Introduce the book and read it a few times without showing the pictures. Allow time for children to explore with paint before gathering together to watch and listen to the story together. 

*It is helpful to have the E-Book available to display on a screen if you are in a classroom with many children.

Get Creative, Decorate a Journal!

The Goodnight World series is all about a little girl writing in her journal every night.

A journal is a special place to write, reflect, and dream!

Grab a book to write and draw in that will be your very own journal!

Decorate it with stickers, drawings, or just design your name in a cool way!

Remember, what makes a journal special is that it is uniquely yours! 


Explore the journal prompts below and use for writing activities or discussion questions to provoke meaningful thinking, mindfulness and interaction. This may be relevant for children of all ages.  

Colouring Pages


Click on the PDF's below to download a printable colouring page from the Goodnight World series.

Planets and Moon Page

Birds and Dolphins Page

Lily Pad Page

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