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Connect deeper with A Letter For Trees!

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Did You Know?

Forest Path
  • Humans and Trees do the opposite ... Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, whereas Trees inhale carbon and exhale oxygen!

Check out these awesome crafts to celebrate Trees and honour National Tree Day in Canada!




Book Collaboration Video #2 with the talented, Activity Author 


If you haven't already . . . .

Get Creative and Decorate a Journal!

The Goodnight World series is all about a young girl writing in her journal every night.

A journal is a special place to write, reflect, and dream!

Grab a book to write and draw in that will be your very own journal!

Decorate it with stickers, drawings, or just design your name in a cool way!

Remember, what makes a journal special is that it is uniquely yours! 



Explore the journal prompts below and use for writing activities

or discussion questions to provoke meaningful thinking,

mindfulness and interaction.

This can be tailored to children of all ages.  

Pencil and notepad

If you would like to research and learn more about the importance of trees,

click the link below to see what National Geographic has to offer.

Colouring Pages


Click on the PDF's below to download a printable colouring page from the Goodnight World series.

Jungle and Vine Page

Breathing Fresh Air Page

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